viernes, 26 de agosto de 2011

The night started again with just a few drinks

(you know the usual game, no?)
I drink/you drink/he-she-it drinks/we drink/you drink/they drink
all people is drunk (and you seem too happy)
I repeat too happy
and we, we keep drinking...
And some people smoke 

It was then the moment
when things change colour

people seem blurred
drinks have no taste
and words don't come out 
I just hear some strange noise
A music, a melody, an intense flow
But then when the music stop, you have to arrive home
and it´s in this moment 
when you think: Where is my house?
But any of the people who are with you know it 
because your friends are like you
and all the friends you´ve just make1 to night 
are unknowns and it´s very probably 
than the guy you`ve been to night 
end up being a bad memory.
We´ are humans and we make a lot of mistakes in our live,but it´s not an excuse to endanger your live

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